The Two Series - two pivots per truck.

Presently this consists of the "hummer" board - 8 85mm Kryptos, 6 100lb extension springs, 3" of vertical travel, 2.5 ft turning radius. There is aluminum angle under the duct tape balls to get the dang mess of steel pipe off the ground - it weighs 9 kilos! With a good jump you can get ~9 inches off the ground. Not so good compared to trick boards (but you don't need supaerfine motor skills to hop the thing)

I love this board - it gets nice grip, excellent speed, but its so heavy, and quite hard to pump because the deck is so high!


This thing turns like mad . The ratio of deck roll to turn radius is high enough that grip tape is not needed, and the same ratio makes high speed somewhat possible, though the trucks are symmetric so fishtailing occurs at high enough speed.