Hardcarve Three Series - three pivots per truck.

The hardcarve Three is my favorite. The camber angle of the front wheels allows them to slip in a controlled fashion when pushing the limits of grip around a turn, while the back wheels are neutral and stable. Unlike normal longboards, you can lean back on this board without it becoming unstable - necessary because once the back skids out, you either stop or fall. As you can see, I have burned a bit of urethane off the Krypo 80mms. Its a bit dirty, but that's what happens when you ride!

This thing is basically the same as the BMW streetcarver, except that it has a neutral back truck so you can skid and attain high speeds stably. Plus it uses cheap chains instead of balljoints (frankly this adds to the biker appeal of the thing). There is no way to ollie this or any of my boards - I figure a trick skateboard is pretty much optimal for this.


This is an offroad version of the hardcarve Three. It doesn't work too well - very heavy, you have to stand with your feet diagonal to the board, andit doesn't turn too much. The geometry needs to be optimized like the onroad version. Note originally it had symmetric front and back trucks (like the BMW streetcarver), but that made the thing dynamically unstable. stupid people at BMW :)

I have to replace the steel cables with balljoint linkages so the stupid wheels don't fold backwards. The on-road hardcarve Three does not have this problem because the angular freedom of the center vertical pivot is limited.