The pogoboard - an interesting idea, but it doesn't work. The though was that if you counterbalance the downward momentum of the trucks with a heavy weight (see left) moving upward as the springs extend, the net momentum of the board will be "up" and the board will pop as you jump. As I discovered, such action requires your feet to deliver an impulse much briefer than humanly possible in order to get the thing off the ground.

Since the board lacks a tail, i just put a rope on it. now you can get it quite high :)


Side View - note the shitty trucks. It was made from a $10 wallmart broad, which had to be reinforced with aluminum square channel.

The springs are valve springs off an ancient Nissan 8 valve. My neighbor in Brooklyn let me take them out of his trashpile for free; regardless, they are pretty good springs. There are some parts from an abandoned snowmobile in there too.