Hardcarve Five Series - five pivots per truck.

The Five-6 (five pivots on the front truck, 6 wheels) aka the 747 for its similarity to airplane landing gear has no spring return to center, like the hardcarve 3. The pivot is located about where your ankle joint is while you are pumping, so the muscles that control your ankle control deck roll and board direction. It takes a bit to learn though because there is no resistance to turning, but it really is a pleasure to bomb hills on, or even pull some sweet hang five carves.


Because the wheels move out on the turn, against the radial acceleration, the board is actually pretty stable at speed provided you are accustomed to the dynamics. The high ratio of deck roll to turn radius - the highest to the lot so far - also adds to stability. However, unlike the Threes, skids on this board suck because the front truck will "chatter". To skid at speed the turning mechanism effectively has to lock, like classic longboards. On the Five-6 the deck rolls until your feet scrape! Hard to get used to, perhaps I will fix it in the future. (Its always easier to learn to ride it right than engineer a solution though).

This board is good in the city, where you can carry groceries, steer around pedestrians with one foot, and brake/pump with the other, and impale offending vermin with the spike on the front.